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On-site Sage Training

At CJP all our trainers are fully Sage accredited and have many years experience delivering Sage training, as well as being qualified accountants. We are familiar with a variety of ways of using Sage products and therefore, it is likely we will have already experienced and overcome the challenges you may have with using or implementing the software in your own business.

Our Sage Training is usually delivered on-site using your own data, if you prefer, we also offer classroom based Sage training courses.

From new business who need help to install new software and establish processes for it's use, to established companies who have been using their software for many years, we can provide a tailored Sage training programme to fit your specific requirements.

Providing one-to-one or group tutoring in your own environment and with your own data, enables us to focus on your specific needs, saving your business time and money.

Typical Sage Training Subjects

Examples of subjects for Sage 50 Accounts, Plus and Professional. if you require Sage training on other products please contact us.

Basic Concept
Gain an overview of the three integrated ledger systems used in Sage 50, these are nominal, sales and purchase ledgers.

Key Decisions Prior to Setup
Learn about key decisions, basic configuration, account coding structures and layout of accounts. View the Profit/Loss and Balance Sheet design. Setup your Financial Year settings, Currencies, Tax Codes, Departments and Company Preferences.

Creating and Amending Accounts
Learn how to set up the Chart of Accounts, create customer and supplier records and tailor nominal ledger records. Alter the layout of the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reports. This session also looks at the Accounts Analyser.

Opening Balances
Understand the choice of methods and implications for Standard VAT and VAT Cash Accounting and check against your previous system.

Bank Reconciliation
Our Sage training demonstrates how easy it is to reconcile your bank account within Sage 50 Accounts against your actual bank statement.

Housekeeping Routines
It is important to back up/restore data and verify it before doing so, we will show you how.

Error Corrections
Familiarise yourself with key routines for correcting posting errors and reversing transactions.

Customising Sage 50 Accounts
Learn the My Business Setup feature, ensuring you have the program tailored to suit your own business.

Credit Control
Discover the credit control features that are built into Sage Line 50 Accounts, set and monitor credit limits and learn how to produce statements and letters.

Bad Debts, Write Offs and Contras
Learn how Sage 50 deals with bad debts and how you are able to write them off.

Prepayments and Accruals
Look at practical examples of prepayments and accruals.

Cash Flow Planner
This session looks at how to utilise this handy tool to best advantage, ensuring you are always in the best position and know how to avoid a negative cash flow situation.

Running the VAT Return
Discover how to produce and reconcile a VAT Return.

Management Reports and Key Performance Indicators
look at how to perform some of the standard period end features within Sage Line 50.

Month End Routine
Within the previous session as part of the reporting sequence, discover how your month end routine will be processed by Sage 50.

Using Multiple Charts of Accounts
Learn how to set up multiple charts of accounts so that you can select different levels of details in your Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reports.

Year End
We show you how to run the last important period end routine of the Year End. You will learn how to clear the Audit Trail, run your Year End process, and how to prepare for your forthcoming new financial year. The consultants who deliver our Sage Training also have a detailed understanding of accounting practices.

Excel Integration
This feature allows you to automatically import data into Sage 50 Accounts.

Stock Movements
Learn how to record deliveries, part deliveries and stock adjustments.

Purchase Order Processing POP
Look at the purchase order cycle and its links to other areas of the Sage 50 system. Learn how to process from entry to delivery. Explore how to create purchase orders based on stock shortages from customer orders.

Pricing Structures
See how to produce pricing and discount structures, including Customer and Supplier Price Lists and Foreign Currency Price Lists).

Sales Order Processing
Look at the sales order cycle and its links to other areas of the software. Learn how to process sales from entry to despatch, and how to print order documents.

Invoice Production
Investigate the invoicing cycle and its variations. Discover how to produce stock and service invoices, the choices for processing, how to send to a foreign customer and how to use skeleton invoices. Learn how to calculate VAT and the implications of discounts. Also see how to post to ledgers with essential safeguards.

Quotes, Proformas and Batch Conversion
How to process quotes and proformas, look at Batch Conversion allowing multiple quotes and proformas to be converted into orders and invoices.

Foreign Trader (including Revaluation)
Foreign Trader features, from set up to price lists, as well as Revaluation. Revalue an invoice and reconcile the payment due to changes in foreign exchange rates.

Intrastat Support
Record and print intrastat information.



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